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Internal medicine

Internal medicine services cover hormonal, gastrointestinal, urinary, hematological, respiratory, infectious and immunological problems.
Besides a careful study of clinical history, each diagnosis always starts with a thorough physical examination and if necessary blood tests are carried out. When more information is needed, other studies may need to be done such as ultrasounds, x-rays, endoscopies or MRI scans. Our objective is to obtain an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible, thereby causing the minimum amount of discomfort to animal and concern for the owner.


Cancer is common among older dogs and cats. Recent advances have opened a number of options but also ethical problems.
our objective is to achieve a pleasant and pain-free life for their clients’ pets.

Taking some decisions is difficult. Pet owners faced with the ethical dilemma of how far they should go in the treatment of their pet, will be given as much help and advice as possible.

Medicina veterniaria interna


Itching?, Dandruff?, Alopecia?
Skin is one of the most important organ in dogs and cats and is often not treated with the attention it requires. Almost 50% of the consultations are related to dermatological problems. Skin scraping, cultures, cytology smears are basic tests we routinely use in our consultations.


Many times, vision loss, cataracts, corneal lesions or other pathologies worry our clients. In Bonavet we always strive to find solutions for every case.

Other Specialities

Sometimes it is necessary to take some samples such as cytology, biopsy, blood sample and so on. Other times it may be necessary to perform other tests to achieve a diagnosis such as x-rays, ultrasounds and other laboratory tests.

In extreme and challenging cases, the veterinarians at Bonavet , can call on the help of specialists with the latest technology and knowledge.