Our internal medicine services cover hormonal, gastrointestinal, urinary, haematological, respiratory, infectious, and immune-mediated problems.

In addition to an extensive review of the animal’s medical history, the diagnosis always begins with a thorough physical examination and blood tests if necessary. If further information is required, we may sometimes perform additional tests such as ultrasounds, X-rays, endoscopies, or MRIs.

Our goal is to provide a diagnosis as quickly as possible, causing minimal inconvenience to both you and your pet.

Since our priority is the quality of life of your pet, we always promote preventive care. A proper diet, parasite control, and regular exercise contribute to the active prevention of diseases, allowing animals to live longer and enjoy a better old age.

Our preventive protocol includes from early stages: vaccination, deworming, sterilization, dental prophylaxis, dietary advice, general care counselling, and preventive check-ups.

We believe in preventive medicine to ensure that your pet can live a healthier and happier life.

The anaesthesia and drugs used during surgeries, along with the monitoring methods, are perfectly comparable to those used in hospital interventions in humans.

Our knowledge and experience ensure that we can successfully operate on elderly or sick animals.

In case your pet, as sometimes happens, requires a day hospitalization service, it will receive our full care. We will attend to and monitor it at all times to ensure its well-being and recovery in a safe environment.


We have considerable experience in treating diverse problems and offer committed assistance to you and your pet.


We have full radiological support, along with other means, to establish the correct diagnoses.